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Geo-Thermal Systems - The High Efficiency system

Some of the newest technology in the heating and air conditioning industry is the use of geo-thermal systems.  There are several good systems on the market today.  Wall-Turner has chosen Geo-Star as our main line of geo-thermal systems.  The Geo-Star is a single unit that can be installed horizontally or vertically in your crawlspace or basement. 
Through a closed loop system, the pipes can be buried in your yard or can be installed vertically.  Vertical installation is just like boring for a typical well.  The number of holes or trenches depends on the size the system required to properly heat and cool your home.   
But geo-thermal systems can do more than just heat and cool your home.  This system can also be used to heat some of your domestic hot water.  Some customers also use the system as a heat source under their ceramic tile floors. 
Although the cost up front is higher than   the conventional heating and cooling system, this is due largely in part to the trencing and buring of the pipes in the ground.  By using the temperatures in the ground to neutralize the hot and cool air in your home, the efficiency ratings of most all geo-thermal systems are considerably higher than conventional split systems.  With proper installation of a geo-thermal system, efficiencies as high as 28 SEER can be achieved.  When comparing this to a traditional high efficiency heat pump with a rating of 18 SEER, the geo-thermal is hands down the new High Efficiency way to go!

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