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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Legal Disclosure:

Privacy is important to Wall-Turner Company just as it is to our customers. Therefore, Wall-Turner Company does not sell, rent, or give your name or address to anyone. The Wall-Turner Company site does not use cookies or any other tracking mechanism. Please feel comfortable using Wall-Turner Company as a marketing resource for your business.

The Staff and Management of Wall-Turner Company


NON-Legal Disclosure:
(for those of us who never read the legal stuff)

Hey, thanks for coming by. We want you to know that trust and integrity are important to us. Rest assured that "big brother" doesn't live here, so any information you give us, stays with us! 

Because we like to make friends—and keep them—we don't do nasty things like give you 'cookies' you can't eat, or help ourselves to information you're not giving. We want you to know that any information you do share will never be given or sold to those whose only purpose in life is to send others to 'spam hell.'

Your friends at Wall-Turner Company